Minus Desktop Tool

Minus Desktop Tool 1.8

Creates a desktop taskbar for uploading files directly to Minus
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Minus Inc.
Places a taskbar on your screen where you drag and drop documents, videos and images to have them directly uploaded to Minus. Works with multiple files at a time.

Minus Desktop Tool is an application that will ease the process of uploading files to Minus.
Minus is a free file hosting service that allows users to upload and share pictures, documents, music, videos and other files. This desktop application allows you to drag-n-drop the files you want to upload directly onto the icon that the program will place on the taskbar. When the mouse hovers over that icon, a window will pop-up. Dropping the files on that windows will make the program to upload those files to Minus. You will need an account to access your uploaded files, but you can obtain it (for free) even after uploading them, and they will become available when you sign in.

The main window of Minus Desktop Tool will show you the history of uploaded files. Each entry will have a "Viewer" link that, when clicked, will open the page in Minus website where that file is stored. In that page you will see the Info for that file, along with the.links you should use if you want to share that file. If the file is a picture, you will be able to preview it and the page will show you a link to view the image in a bigger size. If the file is a song, the page will allow you to play the song through an embedded player, and a link to download the file to your disk. The other types of files will display the Info, Share and Download options, and you will be able to download them just by clicking on the image that will appear over them. The Desktop application also has a link to the Editor, that lets you modify the info for the referred file.

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